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Results driven web design & development services to help you get more customers

Website Design

We build great looking websites that are mobile optimised, Google and SEO ready and designed to turn more of your visitors into customers. We can redesign your existing website or build you a new one from the ground up.

Website Maintenance

We offer monthly website care plans to keep your website secure, backed up and running smoothly 24/7. We also give you monthly reports so you can understand your site traffic and page views.

Website Marketing

We offer ongoing website marketing services that are designed grow your business by driving more traffic to your website and converting more of your visitors into sales leads and new customers.

The platforms we’re experts in

SiteCrafter offers tailored web solutions to meet diverse business needs. Whether you require a sophisticated brochure website, a scalable eCommerce platform, or a custom-designed Shopify store, our team’s expertise ensures your site is optimised for performance and perfectly aligned with your business.


WordPress is an open-source CMS that powers about a third of all websites. Originally a blogging platform, it’s now versatile enough for various website types. Known for its user-friendly interface and extensive plugin ecosystem, WordPress offers both hosted and self-hosted options, catering to different levels of technical expertise.


WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress that transforms sites into fully functional online stores. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress, allowing users to manage orders, track shipments, and add various e-commerce features. Its high customisability makes it a go-to choice for WordPress users venturing into online retail.


Shopify is a comprehensive, hosted e-commerce platform known for its ease of use and scalability. It provides customizable templates and built-in features for managing products, orders, and payments. With its robust app store, Shopify offers extensive functionality without the need for users to handle technical maintenance.


Webflow is a visual web design tool and CMS that enables the creation of responsive websites without coding. It combines the flexibility of hand-coding with a visual interface, making it popular among designers. Webflow includes CMS capabilities and e-commerce features, allowing users to build complex, custom websites visually.

What people are saying

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

If you aren’t completely happy with the design of your new website before it goes live and we can’t find a compromise, we’ll give you your money back. Our website guarantee, along with our no contract policy helps us offer the safest possible way to get a new lead generating website.

Pete Fairclough

Owner, Sitecrafter

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